Thursday, 14 July 2011

It's a cakewalk (or rather, a run)

By guest editor Helen Smith

As logistics supreme, I have been preparing for this Bob Graham attempt almost as long as Michael. In the last week or so things have really intensified and the last 48 hours before the off will be critical. I have made sure I have attended each change-over point so I will turn up to the right place (it would be a bit disappointing if Mike had to wait around because I was lost). I have also learned loads from observing the support teams for Jarv and Doc Martin. I have found out how much bacon I need (three packs should do it), how many rolls (three packs), how much milk (if it is a warm day then four pints should do it, but if it is cold then six is probably best).

The list of cakes is now finalised. There will definitely be the lemon drizzle cake (to combat the effects of drizzle) and tiffin that have been requested. In addition, there will be many of my favourites: Australian crunchie, sticky date cake and chocolate Guinness cake to name but three. I have even booked some time off work to bake – a treat I am really looking forward to. We should not run out of cake, even if Mike runs out of steam.

What Who Where When(expected time based on 23hr 30mins schedule)

Leg 1 Ray Gill [Nav], Andy McCracken [time-keeper], John Hooson (Ambleside) Bell Close Car Park, Keswick We’ll be there from 17.15 for 18:00 start (prompt)

Leg 2 Mike McKenna [Nav], Mark Bell [time-keeper],Martin Benson, Ben Beachell (Eryri). Down by river at Threlkeld (south side of A66). Arrive 21:51, Depart 22:01

Mark Barrow at Sticks Pass

Leg 3 Martin Gardiner [Nav], Matt Beardshall [time-keeper], Stuart Hurst, Lanny (Martin’s mate). Top of Dunmail Raise, northbound carriageway. Arrive 02:32, depart 02:42

Jessica Goodfellow and Debbie Copley at Rossett Pike.
Tom Phillips and Andy McCracken on ropes at Broad Stand.

Leg 4 Dave Deason [Nav],Richard Jarvis [time-keeper], Mick Pearcy National Trust car park, Brackenclose, Wasdale. Arrive 08:42, depart 08:52

Leg 5 Julie Pearcy [Nav], Helen Deason [time-keeper], Dawn Gill, John Hodgson, Dawn W (Harrogate), Michael Richards (Helm Hill),Paul. National Trust car park, Honister Pass. Arrive 13:57, depart 14:07

Little Town Shoe change. Church, Little Town

Keswick - anyone in the area Moot Hall No later than 6pm Saturday! (fingers crossed)

If I have missed you off, apologies, please let me know:; 015395 64742 or 07531 721875

If we haven’t already got them, please let me know your contact details (preferably mobile phone numbers) in case I need to contact you in advance. For anyone who doesn’t know our car, we’ll be in a black Skoda (PF53 VHY), overflowing with food and kit, with a large roofbox on top courtesy of Helen Whitehouse.

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